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We provide a complete garden package which includes free consultation and a site survey.

At this initial consultation, we listen with deference to your stated wishes and needs and respond with our advice and options. We follow this with a design construction and maintenance package, should you so desire.


A well designed garden requires a balance of hard and soft landscaping which harmonises with the surrounding environment.

We provide professionally scaled drawings and show you all the aspects under consideration, in every step of the design and execution process.

Dublin Landscaping has been creating  gardens of all genres and, more often than not, the low maintenance design wins, every time.


From concept, through to completion, we oversee projects throughout and have a track record for meeting budgets and deadlines.

We supply all the materials and qualified personnel to carry out other specialist tasks at hand. This means that you don’t have to worry about looking for a plumber or electrician, if the job requires these services.

We construct gardens from hard landscaping materials, (i.e. bricks and mortar), to soft landscaping soil and plants.

Dublin Landscaping is fully insured, giving you the peace of mind that work is being undertaken by professionals.


We provide all aspects of garden and grounds maintenance.

Generally, we return on weekly or monthly visits to our existing clients.

If you require a once-off only maintenance visit that too will be addressed. Here we do all the hard work and expert garden and plant care and remove all the heavy garden waste.

Our staff members are experienced gardeners with horticultural qualifications.

Our maintenance services include :

  • Lawn maintenance : trimming, feeding, weeding, scarifying, and edging.
  • Pruning shrubs and trees, professionally.
  • Feeding plants and tilting flower beds.
  • Planting vegetables and propagating seeds.
  • Cleaning patios, pathways and ponds.
  • Treating moss.
  • Removing tree stumps.
  • Supplying  materials
  • Removing all green waste, at each visit.

We always arrive in our crisp and clean Dublin Landscaping uniforms because we take pride in our work and in representing our company’s name.

Our most effective advertising has been by word of mouth and would like it to remain like that.

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