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Christmas Trees

“Where our business is your pleasure”

Every family expects the perfect Christmas tree. What we hear is, “We would like to see a selection of trees, our house is different”


We visit the Christmas tree farm and tag the most symmetrical trees. It’s a privilege that costs us more per tree but it means our customers get the best trees available.

If you phone your order for a full 8 foot tree with no gaps that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Save yourself the hassle of stuffing an oversized tree into your car and then cleaning up your car in cold December! Face it, there are other things you’d rather be doing.


We are proud each year to work closely with the DSPCA as we are animal lovers and like to do our bit to promote their welfare.

When you buy a tree from us we donate to help with the continued great work of the DSPCA. In particular money raised so far has gone towards buying a dental drill in 2016 for work on cats and dogs coming into their shelter and in 2017 “fostering boxes” (Like a suit case with the essentials for their hollier’s).  Wait there’s more! Buying from us promotes awareness at a time of year when traditionally people would think it’s a good time to give a gift of a Puppy.

All Kennels and shelters in the early months of every new year are full with these unwanted Puppies as they are too much work to the expecting recipient. 


DSPCA Campus
Mount Venus Road,
Dublin 16.

If you’d like to get involved and support their work further please donate now by simply following the link;


One of our professional Gardeners will deliver a selection of trees to your home or business, equipped with tools to trim the tree if necessary so it fits perfectly in your chosen space.


Simply Buy one of our trees from €80 & we will donate TO THE DSPCA
We will deliver throughout December and also will collect and safely recycle your tree (Collection strictly on Jan 8th “little x-mas”).

01 4412200 or 086 162 0729

Some benefits to harvesting real Christmas trees! 

  1. Creates employment in both rural and city areas at a time of year when farming industries have slow down.
  2. Benefits the environment as there is constantly a cycle of new trees planted each year which photosynthesize and then rule out a carbon foot print.
  3. Utilises land which is generally not much use for other purposes as the trees are commonly grown in cold windy rocky hilly sites.
  4. Create happy nostalgic memories.
  5. Makes your home warm and inviting
  6. You will get to meet one of our super friendly staff and contribute towards animal welfare simply by buying from us.
  7. Check out our Facebook page from our returning clients and their testimonies and photos https://www.facebook.com/dublinchristmastrees/
  8. Buying a real Christmas tree creates nostalgia in every home. It’s an exciting time of the year a bit of craic and traditional.

Care & Caution

  1. Christmas trees are freshly cut and like a bouquet of flower require water and food to keep them perky and lush. We recommend sitting the stump of the tree in sugary water or diluted 7up which will act as a plant food. To ensure the premium quality of our trees order early and simply keep it in your garden sitting in water until your traditional decoration day arrives.
  2. Heavy decorations will cause any branch to droop but when a tree is cut and inside with the heating it accelerates the process so keep the reservoir topped at all times.    
  3. A combination of central heating and open fires accelerate the drying process so regularly topping up the reservoir will be required with at least 3’’ of the butt submerged in the sugary solution.
  4. A dried Christmas tree is a serious fire hazard so all precautions must be taken at this time of year. Ensure your lights are not faulty in any way or do not over load any plug sockets. Always turn off the lights when the room in unattended.
  5. It is a great idea to purchase a fire extinguisher and have it in the room of the tree as its better to be safe than sorry!


Your purchase of a premium Christmas tree includes a delivery and collection in January (minimum value €80 )

We will make a generous donation to the DSPCA

Collection is strictly on the 7th of January and trees must be left outside

If they are not left outside you can not avail of the free collection service. Starts at 6am


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